Fuz Caforio

Fabrizio Caforio, or “Fuz” as he prefers to be called, was born from Italian parentage in Johannesburg, South Africa. From his home in Africa, close to the creatures of nature that grace his art, he can trace his creative roots to Florence, Italy, where his Great Grandfather was a sculptor.

Fuz has devoted three decades of his career to the study of African wildlife, refining technique and style to capture these magnificent animals on canvas. The exquisite detail and life-like quality of his art comes from painstaking research. Much time is spent in the bush and at breeding research stations collecting all the necessary reference material before he goes into the studio to paint. He has refined his skill and technique over the years to a point where his subjects are vividly and authentically reproduced.

Fuz’s paintings have become highly sought after. In recent years he has immersed himself in commissioned works, painting for exclusive game lodges, corporate and private collectors.

Support for Conservation
Through his work, Fuz has helped to raise funds for many non-governmental conservation organisations. These include: The WWF, The Endangered Wildlife Trust, The Honorary Rangers of South Africa, Birdlife South Africa, DeWildt Cheetah Research, Dr. Jane Goodall, The Endangered Species Protection Unit, the Born Free Foundation, The Wildlife College, The Brookfield Zoo of Chicago, The Japan Wildlife Center, Painted Dog Conservation INC. and the Nedbank Green Trust.