Jennifer Lashbrook

Jennifer Lashbrook is a Dallas-based artist creating portraits from paint swatches. Her work plays on our ability to immediately recognise the iconic figures of our ubiquitous popular culture. Hers is a combination of opposite dynamics as flat colour indicates to us what detail we should be seeing. We are made to fill in visual gaps for ourselves. About her practice she says, “Viewed from a distance, the colors of my art blend to create a photo realistic quality, with the individual ‘pixels’ becoming more distinguishable the closer the viewer moves to the piece.   

“When viewed through a cell phone or at a distance, the images become clear and details seem to jump off of the viewing plane displaying Gestalt psychology and how your brain connects the dots (or squares in this case) based on experience. The cell phone acts as a filter, and this unique way to view my art creates a fun and interactive experience for the viewer.”

Lashbrook exhibits across the United States, and now through Scapegoat Gallery in South Africa.