NEP Artiste

NEP-. A name that clouds the issue: an artist name in any case which, in fact, refers to the art itself blurred: NEP- like to let his hand run without knowing where it leads. Lines, curves, shapes, gradually trace a world to decipher, because of grotesque heads, entanglement of words, phrases, images, colors, black and white. Singular art, which translates the chaos of a reality in constant motion, it captures a childish trait, fun, playful, which pass totems and puppets, fantasies and dreams, disturbing laughter and panic laughable. Art that pushes the line to its extreme limits, the valley, the confused, the fact meander, the weaves, weaves like a spider web, the built and deconstructed as a tapestry of Penelope, without beginning or end. Light art, heavy with all the paradoxes of life.