Punk Me Tender

The mysterious artist Punk Me Tender is known for his very graphic, raw form of art. Inspired by women, fashion, and style, his art offers a new look on the female body, claiming that desire is the biggest drive in everybody’s soul.

Born in France on September 4th, 1982, the artist came to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams. Whether it is art in the form of graffiti, a mural, or photography, his works are always a surprise and unexpected. Like many artists, Punk Me Tender doesn’t have a strategy for his art. He only acts based on instinct and doesn’t follow any rules. Much of his photography has themes of sensuality and wanting.

His murals show women in varied color schemes and are a sensation. His mixed media pieces utilize black and white photography, bright splashes of pinks and blues, and incorporate real pieces of clothing. The artist maintains that a mix of graffiti and fabric is an original approach that never fails to intrigue and captivate the viewer. 
His identity is kept secret in order to maintain freedom and express himself as he desires. When interviewed he uses a surrogate, such as a model, to speak for him. The artist sees women as heroes and has a deep passion for them.