Blog 12/4. Lollipops are not the same as chicken drumsticks. I'm not just talking about the difference between sugar and animal tissue. In fact, if you care to know, meat has no sugar content. And true love is not supposed to have any secret ingredient of hate.
If opposites attract, then I am a perfect example of something that seeks out something else. I don't know if you can learn from the same old thing. And I don't intend to try.
Travel is the glue that holds us together, even when it seems like we are so far apart. To travel is to kiss the void. However you view other people's lives, it's gut-wrenching to turn your back on them, and then walk away. 
The happy ending comes as you enter a new dimension, which is really your old life once again, but with a brand new brief. At it's most simple, returning home you'll say, "I want to live more like them." 
But who are they? And how are you to make it that your happy ending will look something like theirs? 
This is not a piece of propaganda to tell you to stay in one place. And it's not an advice column to say go out there and meet new people. Oh, and one more thing, don't talk to your art. It may talk back, and do you really need that?
What if it tells you the truth? What if it tells you a lie?