Famed surfboard designer and artist Tim Bessell and his official collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation. An exclusive series of hand made surfboards painted with Any Warhol’s most iconic designs.

Tim Bessell is known worldwide for hand-shaping quality surfboards. Based in San Diego, Bessell originally got the idea after coming across a series of Warhol skateboards by Alien Workshop. “I had seen the line of skateboards and I thought, nobody’s doing surfboards.”

The Andy Warhol Foundation, who owns the copyrights to the artist work, jumped on the idea to collaborate. “The project we have with Tim is totally different than the one we have with Absolut or Dior or Converse. We have a shaper here who is also an artist, who is from San Diego, and whose own main inspiration is Andy Warhol. It’s so authentic.”

The popularity of the collaboration has grown at a fast pace, with one of the first works of the series recently exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego.

These fully functional surfboards are so beautiful they're more often displayed in the home as sculptural objects. They come ready-to-mount with a new magnetic mounting system but can also simply be leaned against the wall.

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