Diana Alexandra Korn's artistic work is predominantly centered around the theme and idea of ​​ideals, beauty and contemporary social issues. An important and critical aspect of her work is, how you perceive yourself and others. These are presented on the one hand through critical questioning in a subtle way, on the other hand through the reflection of the complexity of each of us. It´s about the duality of beauty and human experiences.

In her reflective masterpieces, mirrors come to life, showcasing famous stars, pop art icons and old masters. She sculpts not just with materials, but with the very essence of light and shadow. She manipulates angles and perspectives to coax forth a new reality from within the mirror's depths. The juxtaposition of form and reflection creates an artistic symbiosis, a harmonious convergence of the tangible and the illusory.

Her work seamlessly fuses elements of modern architecture and design into the realm of light reflection sculpture, always striking a balance between straightforwardness and creative expressiveness.

Diana`s unwavering devotion to the mystique concealed within mirrors is evident in her words: "To me, mirrors are more than reflective surfaces; they are portals to another dimension, a gateway into the labyrinth of human perception, and a canvas for crafting extraordinary sculptures that transcend the ordinary. The mystique of mirrors lies not in their mundane functionality, but in their capacity to bend reality itself. When gazing into a mirror, one encounters a world both familiar and alien, a space where the tangible meets the intangible. The interplay of light and depth within mirrors is my artistic muse. Through my art, I endeavor to provoke contemplation, to challenge the boundaries of reality."

Diana`s artistic passion stems from her deep fascination with the captivating ambiguity found within her mirrors.

Diana Alexandra Korn's art revolves around ideals, beauty, and global affairs, exploring self-perception and complexity. Her work uses mirrors to bring life to famous figures, blending light and shadow to craft new realities. This interplay of form and reflection creates artistic harmony, combining modern design into light reflection sculptures. Mirrors, to her, are portals to another dimension, sparking imagination and challenging boundaries. She's captivated by their mystique, with endless reflections and depth in art.

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