Jimmy Law

Jimmy Law is a South African artist born in 1979 in Bloemfontein, Orange Free State. He has a diploma in graphic design from the Technicon, Orange Free state.

Initially, he worked in a printing company for clothes and surfboards in Woodstock, then he became a freelance illustrator in the world of comics.

He practiced painting on the side but in 2008, he decided to dedicate himself to painting. In 2010, he drastically changed his approach and began to paint with large paint brushes. Indeed, he changed his style in a radical manner, moving from photo-realism to a more energetic type of painting, while being extremely accurate for the most important elements in his paintings, a look which was detached from his portraits and realized nudes in oil paint or acrylic.

His paintings are presented in several private collections around the world.


Jimmy Law was born in Bloemfontein in the Orange Free State in 1970. After matriculating he studied Graphic Design Technikon of the Orange Free State.

Moving to Cape Town he found work at a printing company in Woodstock. Clothing design and manufacture of surfboards followed, but it was his work as a freelance and comic book artist that sustained him with painting being a spare time activity.

In 2008 he moved to painting full time, in a painstaking photorealistic style. In 2010 he radically changed his approach using only large brushes, which initiated some remarkable changes and effectively jettisoned his career.  Today his works adorn the homes and offices of clients around the world.