Nathan Paddison

Nathan Paddison (b. 1983) works on a large scale, creating raw and experimental forms with comic book elements. He is a self-taught painter working in the traditions of Art Brut, graffiti, and abstract expressionism. Much of his energy stems from what he calls, “a troubled past,” when he was incarcerated intermittently for over a decade.

Gestural marks and indistinct language known to the artist form an expressionistic dialogue. Nathan’s strong line and approach to palette meld closely with the physicality and urgency in which he works. The impatience and powerful language forming in Nathan’s work is akin to compulsion rather than task. His rough textured surfaces are created incorporating different mediums such as acrylics, enamel, fabric, newspaper, marker and pastels.

Paddison has exhibited all over Australia, Europe and Asia in numerous solo and group shows. His most recent awards include The Kilgour Prize 2021 Art Gallery of Newcastle and The Lester Prize Art Gallery of Western Australia 2021.