Philippe Shangti

His curious, imaginative and perfectionist personality makes Philippe Shangti a self-made artist who has been interested in photography since his youngest age.

After being a model, Philippe was claimed by managers of various establishments. He whispered in their ears some artistic pieces of advice and creative projects from his imagination.

A Tropezian businessman, who saw all his potential, soon spotted him. Then, Philippe decided to settle down in Saint Tropez, where he let his boldness and talent explode. Then, he gave birth to his first futuristic and out-of-standard artistic concepts.

As a messenger of modern times, the genius finds all his inspiration in this new environment where he thrives. The artist’s provocative and glamorous universe is the expression of his imagination, aimed to actively disturb minds. Through his series of photographic artworks like “Art vs Drugs”, “Luxury Overdose”, “No Prostitution Here” or “No Pollution Here” in 2017, Philippe skilfully manages to denounce serious causes by sublimating important messages. Each new series is a tricky and bold challenge as it blows the whistle on immorality by making it attractive to see, and thus reaching a wide audience. In order to impact people’s minds, he chooses the gentle method with beautiful visuals, rather than violent ones. He enlightens with talent the vices of this world with aestheticism, and gently but deeply wins hearts and minds.

As an atypical and fearless artist, Philippe does not hesitate to highlight the hypocrisy of denial, sometimes in a rather spicy and trashy way.

Very flashy colours, a delightful way of staging, and his signature that he directly draws on the body of his models, mark out Philippe’s works.

Mindful about the smallest details, the artist attaches great importance to the symmetry, the perspectives and the balance of the different elements of his works.

Philippe Shangti is a complete artist with an extraordinary talent to transcribe his art pieces into scenic performances totally imagined by him. Thus he directs the full artistic conception by creating his own universe. Among his notorious pieces, he signed several ‘tag’ works such as the very famous “Enjoy Your Fucking Dinner”.

His art comes in a variety of photographs, artistic concepts but also in limited edition sculptures. His work is exhibited in many countries in the best art galleries in Europe, the USA and Asia.

Constantly looking for new ideas and challenges, the artist also created special works featuring sports personalities, collectors and their families. In addition, he collaborates with many luxury brands as part of the development of a range of products steeped with his art and his universe.

With his experience, the artist organizes ephemeral private events on the international scene where he manages to recreate the artistic atmosphere he is immersed in, in order to carry the visitors away and intensely connect them to his artistic world.

After living in St Tropez for more than 10 years, the artist wished to upgrade his career and decided to move his studios and all his teams to the Principality of Andorra where he experiences now a new energy.

In 2019, Philippe Shangti has been selected to represent the Principality of Andorra at the 58th Venice Biennale.

His monumental and highly committed project “Future Is Now” aims to demonstrate that the behaviour of people today irreversibly determines tomorrow’s world. Here again, the message is clear: to change human consciousness and behaviour by shaking up the values and priorities of our societies.

The international press and the art world have ranked the Andorran pavilion – and Philippe’s work “The Future Is Now” – among the 10 essential pavilions of this Biennale.