In / Out

In / Out

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Artist: Fringe 

Title: In / Out

Media: Oil on canvas 

Size: 100cm x 100cm 

Authentication certificate included 


In a spray of hearts, amidst a vibrant bouquet of flowers, the astronaut stands in a pose of silent eloquence. It's a paradoxical sight—a formally posed portrait of a figure hidden beneath the visor of a helmet, unseen yet deeply felt.

The essence of this artwork lies in its contradiction—a celebration of the unseen, a manifestation of the intangible. It mirrors Fringe's artistic trajectory, where the act of creation transcends the physical, tapping into realms of imagination and possibility. The spray of hearts symbolizes love and passion, while the bouquet of flowers signifies growth and renewal, themes that resonate deeply within Fringe's artistic journey.

As viewers engage with this artwork, they're invited to ponder the unseen forces that shape our world—the dreams, aspirations, and possibilities that lie beyond the veil of the visible. It's a testament to the power of art to transcend boundaries, evoke emotions, and spark imagination—a true reflection of Fringe's artistic vision and the endless horizons of creativity.

About Stress Narcotika

Gutinke Meine, my sweetheart," whispers the soul in the quiet moments, a tender acknowledgment of a cherished connection that transcends the chaos. In the dance of personal discovery and the embrace of Stress Narcotika, Gutinke Meine becomes the anchor, a guiding light in the intricate journey of self and society, a melody that harmonizes with. 

Where the boundaries blur, Gutinke Meine emerges as a guiding constellation, a steadfast companion navigating the cosmic chaos. Together, they weave a tale of discovery on the outer edges of reality, where the enigmatic and the familiar dance in harmony. Gutinke Meine is not just a phrase but a whispered promise, a sweetheart in the uncharted territories of the unknown.


Fringe has used imagery from the mass media, from digital media, and from cartoons to movie culture, to produce Fringe paintings on canvas, figurative plastic and bronze sculptures filled with irony and satire.

Fringe’s story is a combination of high output and well-timed solo exhibitions that have launched his signature series’. He has held eight major solos, sold out exhibitions globally. Born in 1976.



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