The brighter day

The brighter day

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Artist: Fringe 

Title: The brighter day

Media: Oil on canvas 

Size: 100cm x 100cm 

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About Stress Narcotika

Gutinke Meine, my sweetheart," whispers the soul in the quiet moments, a tender acknowledgment of a cherished connection that transcends the chaos. In the dance of personal discovery and the embrace of Stress Narcotika, Gutinke Meine becomes the anchor, a guiding light in the intricate journey of self and society, a melody that harmonizes with. 

Where the boundaries blur, Gutinke Meine emerges as a guiding constellation, a steadfast companion navigating the cosmic chaos. Together, they weave a tale of discovery on the outer edges of reality, where the enigmatic and the familiar dance in harmony. Gutinke Meine is not just a phrase but a whispered promise, a sweetheart in the uncharted territories of the unknown.



In the expanse of the universe, where stars twirled in celestial ballets and galaxies whispered ancient secrets, there stood Gutinke Meine, radiant as a supernova, master of the mysteries of existence. His presence commanded awe, his essence a symphony of light and energy.

in the dance of existence, the concept of Stress Narcotika wove its threads through the fabric of reality. It was a force that both empowered and ensnared, a double-edged sword that Gutinke Meine, in his wisdom, sought to master.

As the master of the mysteries, Gutinke Meine understood the delicate balance between power and redemption. Stress narcotika, once a tool of conquest, now became a path to enlightenment and redemption..

In Gutinke Meine's radiant presence, beams from across galaxies, found solace and transformation. His journey from conqueror to redeemer mirrored the universal quest for growth and enlightenment..

As Gutinke Meine's light illuminated existence, it whispered a timeless truth—that even in the vastness of reality, redemption awaited those who dared to embrace their inner light and transcend the shadows of stress.


Fringe has used imagery from the mass media, from digital media, and from cartoons to movie culture, to produce Fringe paintings on canvas, figurative plastic and bronze sculptures filled with irony and satire.

Fringe’s story is a combination of high output and well-timed solo exhibitions that have launched his signature series’. He has held eight major solos, sold out exhibitions globally. Born in 1976.



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